The Marksman

Mother Fat was in town for a visit and I had to choose what sort of local meal to bring her to. Fish and Chips? “Eughh!”, Mrs. Fat would say. Afternoon tea? Too posh and silly IMHO. Then it struck me. Something that is truly British, and that people abroad (most of people at least),… Continue reading

Bao London

Well, well, well! It looks like I finally found my favourite London restaurant after only 4 months of searching. I’m so glad to have come across Bao! To tell you all the truth this is actually the 3rd visit. The first 2 were fantastic but dinner time and it was dark and the photos came… Continue reading


Boring. No need to read, go on to text post which I’m sure will be more tasting. I looove Peruvian food. Its probably one of my top 3 cuisines out there but it is always so hard to find a true restaurant. To me Peruvian food can be described as homey but with technique and… Continue reading

Smoking Goat

Spicy alert!!! Smoking Goat’s food was smoking hot! Pun intended. If you don’t like spicy food, then this thai restaurant in Soho is not for you, or any thai restaurant for what matters.  But if you like spicy food, the good kind, prepare to be amused. You know how every Monday is usually that sad… Continue reading

Burger and Lobster

Burger and LOBSTER. Who doesn’t like lobster? Lobster is sometimes seen as the king of seafood although out there there’s more and better than lobster. But people love lobster, and who am I to disagree? And who doesn’t like a juicy burger? It seems like the perfect formula. Or is it? Venue – 7/10 Website… Continue reading

Pidgin Restaurant

Pidgin is one of the up and coming restaurants in the London gastronomic scene. It has a unique format that really enticed us to pay it a visit, a unique set menu that changes every week. Each dish is created with finesse and the flavour profile being more on the subtle side. Venue – 8/10 Website… Continue reading

Kanada-Ya Ramen Bar

Kanada-Ya Ramen Bar was the first ramen we ate in London. We love ramen. Having lived and travelled extensively through Asia, this also means that we are very picky and have high standards when it comes to eating ramen. Although Kanada-Ya is not the best ramen I’ve ever had, that honor goes to Hong Kong’s Butao Ramen,… Continue reading

Carob Tree

One of my colleagues used to live in Camden and recommended me his favourite London restaurant of all time, Carob Tree, a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant that is located right next to one of Hampstead Heath’s exits. We had a pleasant early lunch there after some walking/sightseeing in the neighbouring area. Venue – 6/10 No Website Cuisine: Greek… Continue reading

Five Guys

I had heard great things of Five Guys, this American burger joint everyone seems to be raving about it. Well, not me. Venue – 0/10 Website Cuisine: Burgers Address: 5-6 Argyll St, Soho, London W1F 7TE Tube: Oxford Circus Opening hours: Sun-Thu 8-23 / Fri-Sat 8-24 Reservations: No Average price: £10-15 Not one but two lines to get your… Continue reading

Golden Union

As you may know if you have read our about us page, we are not brits and have just recently moved to London and the foods this amazing city has to offer. One of the quintessential meals of the UK is Fish and Chips and as much as I’ve been craving to try this local “delicacy”,… Continue reading